Updated 2014 with New Bulk Image Upload - MAC Supported on Bulk Upload or Click here to Email photos and we will upload them for you.

Add photos while logged into Owner Admin on ResortAc.com website:
  1. Click on the Owners Logon link on the left side of page.
  2. Logon using your Username and Password.  If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address in the username field, check the email password box, click the submit button, and your password will be emailed to you instantly.
  3. Click on the property you want to add photos to.
  4. Click the Images tab then use the Choose File button to select photos from your file system, then click the Upload Files button.
  5. Click 'Refresh' button to see new images.
Note that image file must be jpg, gif, or bmp format under 4 MB in size.

NEW Bulk Upload - Add photos by logging into http://images.resortac.com/wp-admin (The username and password for image upload are available in your ResortAc.com Owner Admin screen under the Images tab.)
  1. Logon to our bulk image upload site here using the Username and Password from the images tab in your ResortAc.com owner admin area.
  2. Select Media, then Add New.
  3. Click the Select Files button to select photos from your file system, or drag your photo files into the box labelled 'Drop files here'.
  4. Email or call cell 250-308-4905 to let us know you're done and we will optimized your photos and update our websites within 24 hours.
Note that image file must be under 8 MB in size.

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